Convicted serial killer: Ramon Escobar confessed to killing a missing aunt and uncle in 2018

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – A Los Angeles serial killer admitted killing two Houston relatives and also confessed to five other murders and seven assaults in California, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced Saturday.

On Friday, Ramon Escobar, 50, was sentenced to life in California after admitting to killing his uncle Rogelio Escobar, 65, and his aunt Dina Escobar, 61, in August 2018.

Ramon Escobar appeared at Zoom from a Los Angeles County courtroom to agree to a plea deal on the charges. When asked about him in his aunt’s case, Ramon Escobar said he was “very guilty”.

Investigators tracked Ramon Escobar to Southern California in September 2018, where he had previously been arrested for multiple murders and other violent attacks in Los Angeles.

“This man was a monster who killed strangers and members of his own family without thinking twice,” Ogg said. “He choked to death unsuspecting people and beat others with heavy objects, sometimes while they slept. His actions numbing him showed that he never cared about anyone else.”

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Court documents show Ramon Escobar confessed to LAPD officers that he killed his uncle and then killed his aunt when she came looking for his brother.

First, Ramon Escobar killed his uncle using an old police baton because he felt disrespected. His uncle had taken in Ramon Escobar and let him live in the house on Prudence Drive in southwest Houston.

Ogg said Ramon Escobar’s aunt then went to look for his brother, Rogelio Escobar, in his van.

Ramon Escobar hid under a pile of clothes in the van and then tried to strangle her from behind with his baton, Ogg said.

The two fought on the ground and he pressed his knee to her chest until she stopped breathing. Her burnt-out van was found on a beach near Galveston. The remains of the aunt and uncle were found in a landfill.

After investigators from the Houston Police Department, Escobar interviewed about his uncle’s disappearance, he fled to Santa Monica, California.

A month later, LAPD arrested him for beating the deaths of at least four homeless people.

He told investigators of all the deaths. Details of that interview were included in court documents for a capital murder charge.

Escobar was not extradited to Texas.

Harris County Assistant District Attorney Robert Buss said Friday’s plea deal guarantees Ramon Escobar will not be released from prison in California and, if ever, will have to serve two life sentences in Texas, which has closed the families. of the victims.

“It was brutal,” Buss said. “The families wanted to see him go.”


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