Dem collapse guaranteed after abortion vote as Senator Manchin calls BS on bill that would “codify” Roe –

While it was clear enough that the bill Democrats call “The Women’s Health Protection Act” would not go through, the Democratic leadership still voted:

The democratic effort failed, but it helped unmask that so many Senate Democrats are ghoulish and disgusting:

Think about it. All but one Senate Democrats support abortion right up to the time of birth. This is sickening.

Senator Manchin explained – correctly – that Democrats’ use of the term “codification” to describe the effect of the bill if Roe v. Wade had to be overturned is simply more left-handed BS:

“The bill we have to vote on today, the Women’s Health Protection Act, and I respect the people who support it, but make no mistake, it’s not Roe v. Wade coding. It is expanding. Clear 500 state laws from the books – expand abortion. And with that, that’s not where we are today. We shouldn’t divide this country any more than we are already divided. “

For almost everyone on Manchin’s side in the Senate, dividing the country is a feature, not a bug.

Democrats often say “20 percent of Americans support the right to abortion” and would like everyone to believe that this means that everyone supports late abortion, which is not the case.

Earlier in the day, Senator Chuck Schumer said the vote would go ahead so we can see where each senator is:

Oh, let’s see where you are, Senator, and he’s sick.

Reflect on how close these people have come to approving that bill and remember in November.

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