Five sailors drown after a tugboat sank off the Italian coast of Bari

Four Italians and a Tunisian sailor drowned after a tugboat sank in a storm off Bari in southern Italy.

The Italian coast guard said only one crew member – the captain of the Italian-flagged “Franco P” – had survived the sinking.

Authorities said they received a distress call Wednesday evening that a boat was taking on water in the Adriatic Sea, some 85 kilometers off the coast of Puglia.

The ship was heading for Albania when it sank, the coast guard said Thursday.

Officials said they recovered the bodies of three people after a search in the midst of strong winds, while two were missing.

The captain was rescued safely overnight from a Croatian boat in the area, the coast guard added.

A pontoon with 11 people on board – which the tug was towing – remained adrift and was also rescued.