‘Get in line!’: Piers Morgan blasts ‘rank entitlement’ of MPs skipping queue to see Queen

Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan has blasted the “rank entitlement” of UK MPs who got free passes to jump the miles long queue of thousands wanting to pay their respects to the late Queen.“Our MPs have spectacularly missed the mood – incredibly they’ve each been handed a pass so that they and four family and friends can skip the entire queue and just move to the front like a VIP express lane at the airport,” he said.“Needless to say, cleaners, caterers and other workers in parliament have been afforded no such privilege.“There are people in that line who’ve literally flown in from as far as America and Australia just to be there – the MPs behaviour is rank entitlement but frankly a royal slap in the face to ordinary members of the public.“If you want to pay your respects members of parliament – well get in line with everybody else.”