Glenn Greenwald sees the Democratic leadership’s “performative and hollow indignation” –

On Guy Benson has a excellent column about what the Democratic leadership is saying versus what they are actually looking for. In this case it is their reaction after the draft decision on Roe v. Wade leaked from something to the Supreme Court:

The media are constantly running headlines about Congressional Democrats’ efforts to “codify Roe” with legislation, with a vote scheduled for next week in the Senate. This is actually inaccurate. Yes, that’s what the Democrats are saying they are doing, because “coding Roe” is more PR tempting than what they’re actually proposing, but just because a political party makes a claim doesn’t mean reporters have to. endlessly and uncritically repeating the false partisan framing.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald picked up where he left off and examined some of the “performative and empty outrages” coming from the Democrats:

“Performative, empty indignation” sounds more or less in line with the Democrats.

You can also throw climate change into that mix. No one who seriously believes that the coasts are going to be underwater would drop millions on a beach house.



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