Has “national security concerns” about “Dr. oz ‘

This is absolutely bizarre.

Axio’s Jonathan Swan reports that Mike Pompeo has announced he will hold a press conference where Pompeo will reveal national security concerns he has regarding Trump’s choice for Republican nomination for the U.S. Pennsylvania Senate seat, Mehmet Oz, or “Dr. oc.”

Pompeo’s concerns are based on Mehmet Oz’s “close ties to the Turkish government and military.” Oz was born in Ohio to first generation Turkish immigrants and served two years in the Turkish army. None of the above would seem disqualifying and it was open acquaintance. Indeed, with nothing else, such an indictment is fundamentally non-American, similar to Trump referencing a court case before a “Mexican judge”.

But that’s only part of the story. Oz is Trump’s choice, Pompeo seems to want to cut his legs from under Oz and therefore Trump.

This is not how things are done in the MAGA world, of course. It leaves one desperate for an explanation that doesn’t include the fact that Mike Pompeo is cutting ties with any Trump partnership, even burning his MAGA card. One is almost forced to conclude that Pompeo has almost decided to run for president in 2024, even if Trump does run.

It follows that if Pompeo had information that would seriously harm Oz as a candidate, it would be a show of strength on Pompeo’s part, that his influence can match or defeat Trump. If the concerns were strong enough, it is possible that Pompeo could make Trump look like an irresponsible fool.

It would not be the first time.

There is also the fact that Pompeo has chosen a press conference to make the revelations. Pompeo must want the video out there. It would be much easier to put his thoughts on paper than him and officially release a statement in which he expresses what he knows and why he believes he is disqualifying.

Interesting. Trump has always had a strangely subordinate relationship with the President of Turkey Recep Erdogan. Pompeo was head of the CIA before becoming Secretary of State. He may be able to “know things”.