How a battle over NDIS funding has become a years long war

Instead of making life easier for Australians with disabilities, NDIS, its stall and fund bargaining create emotional and physical distress.

Richard and his wife, Dorota (image: provided / private media)
Richard and his wife Dorota (image: media provided / private)

For the past three years, 63-year-old Richard Hamon has led the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) fighting for more funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Legally blind from a degenerative genetic condition, what he wants is simple: money to travel to major cities for vision assistance assessments, assistive technologies to help him use his computer, and to continue living independently: working, doing gardening and bushwalking.

But in 2020 he was granted $ 25,080 a year in NDIS funding, not even enough to cover the costs of traveling to Melbourne for specialist appointments. He made this decision to have AAT heard before an independent third party.

Read more about how hard Richard Hamon had to fight for his rights.

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