Hundreds of demonstrations organized in the United States in support of the right to abortion

Supporters of the choice rallied in hundreds of rallies in the United States after the Supreme Court indicated it would soon eliminate the constitutional right to abortion established in 1973.

A leaked draft opinion has suggested that the conservative majority in the court will overthrow historic Roe v. Wade who has ruled for nearly half a century ago.

Republican-led states are now ready to implement tougher restrictions.

About a thousand abortion rights protesters gathered outside the Planned Parenthood clinic in Louisville, one of only two abortion providers in the state of Kentucky.

Texas is another state that should eliminate the right to abortion once the Supreme Court makes its decision.

Over the past two decades, as Republican lawmakers have taken control of Texas, they have eroded women’s access to abortion in creative ways.

And in the state’s largest city, Houston, hundreds of women expressed outrage.

Democrats in the Senate tried to enshrine the right to abortion in federal law on Wednesday, but were blocked by the Republicans.

The Women’s Health Protection Act that was passed by the House of Representatives would have granted health professionals the right to provide abortions and patients the right to receive them.

Polls show that most Americans want to preserve access to abortion, at least in the early stages of pregnancy, but the Supreme Court seemed ready to let states have the last word.

If that happens, about half of the states, mostly in the South and Midwest, are expected to quickly ban abortion.