Janet Yellen “explains” the importance of abortion to Senator Tim Scott – twitchy.com

As reported by Twitchy, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen weighed the debate on Roe v. Wade during the Financial Stability Oversight Council’s annual report to Congress. Senator Bob Menendez said the current state-wide restrictions on abortion are estimated to cost $ 105 billion a year, and Yellen agreed that overturning Roe v. Wade and denying women “access” to abortion “would have very damaging effects on the economy.” President Joe Biden has already had very damaging effects on the economy without having to kill children, so maybe that’s not a good reason.

There isn’t much to say about this next clip other than telling you to watch it. Yellen tries to “explain” the importance of abortion for women of color to Senator Tim Scott, whose answer is simply to say that he is happy that he is here and that he has succeeded.

roe deer v. Wade was a bad decision. Raising a child can be a burden … duh. Yet so many people manage to do it.

We might even have Margaret Sanger testing herself up there.

We have no objects.


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