Jen Psaki insists that Joe Biden is “very aware” that the dollar eventually stops with him, which should be new to Joe Biden. [video]

Jen Psaki would surely have taken some time today at her latest press conference at the White House celebrate herself Other thanks Joe Biden for taking risks with a starry-eyed Irish colleague like her.

But don’t think for a second that it was just a big party of love. Psaki also made sure to save time to tackle the important business of the day: gas-lighting the White House press and the American people.

Biden may be very well aware of the saying “the dollar stops there” (that would be impressive, as he isn’t aware of much these days). But when it comes to what actually meansit seems much less clear about it.

It was literally just yesterday when the White House tried to blame sluggish economy in 2021 for unavailability of COVID vaccine which was, in fact, quite helpful.

Any money that stops at Joe Biden’s desk is instantly laundered into an apology as to why everything bad that happens is actually the fault of the Republicans. The economy has worsened exponentially since Joe Biden took office, and that’s because of him and the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden takes credit only for the good things, which are actually bad things desperately and shamelessly disguised as Ron Klain echo.



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