Karine Jean-Pierre may be an election truth, but Politico is laser focused on the * true * story here – twitchy.com

Yesterday we spent some time getting acquainted with the arrival of the White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, who, thankfully, he is rather the real little voter (and Russiagate)! We were as shocked as you are to learn about these things.

Almost as shocked as we were to read how Politico framed it in their West Wing Playbook:

Mmm … there is:

COMING ATTRACTIONS: Conservatives and Republicans are resurfacing old tweets from Jean-Pierre, including one claiming that the 2016 presidential election was “stolen” and that Republicans “stole” Georgia’s 2018 government election from STACEY ABRAMS. Expect a few questions about it during its debut next week. Fox News has already posted a story on purpose.

Yes, “resurfacing” is far too mild. It just doesn’t capture the excitement we feel from grabbing and popping, you know?

It is exhilarating!

Come on. You didn’t seriously expect firefighters to dig into this stuff themselves, did you? The best thing they can do is take their ears and eyes off and wait for the grips and swings to begin so they can cover up. That and they say they are doing their job.

Each Separate. time.

We have done enough of our research to know the answer.

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