Kick-A * S discussion of how the “evangelical elite” treats left versus right a must read –

This is one of those threads that is so damn good that we don’t really have much to add … which of course, won’t stop us from wandering endlessly, but yes.

This is how the elite remain the elite, at least in their little minds.

It’s long but worth the read, so grab a snack.


To continue.

And they love to involve any Republican who has turned against their party.

See Liz Cheney.

See Adam Kinzinger.

See Mitt Romney.

It’s your fault if you don’t like their ideas, so you should be a better person or something.


All time.

The right forced them to do it, you know!


This. So much this. ^ Friend nailed it.

It is the world’s fault when the left is wrong.

Many of those big right-wing conspiracies seem to come to fruition. Crazy, we know.


Guys, I told you it’s okay.

Does the oyster scholar ring any bells?

tell you

Spot freakin ‘on.



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