Kurt Schrader faces possible defeat

The future of Representative Kurt Schrader (D-OR) in Congress was still in play on Tuesday night, as early results showed Jamie McLeod-Skinner (D) was throwing a stiff challenge to the incumbent member of the United States House for seven years. mandates, the Oregonians relationships.

“Preliminary results starting at 11pm on Tuesday showed McLeod-Skinner with 61% of the vote compared to 39% for Schrader, the only other Democrat in the ballot.”

“However, with Oregon’s new law allowing election day postmarked ballot counting, and with a misprint and poor performance by Clackamas County election officials delaying the results of most voters in that populous county, home to nearly half of the 5th District Democrats – the outcome of the race may not be known for several days.

Interception: “Joe Manchin of the House” approaches defeat in Oregon primary.

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