Lil Keed Atlanta, rapper member of the Young Thug YSL label, dies at 24

Lil Keed was part of the YSL record label founded by Young Thug.

ATLANTA – Atlanta rapper Lil Keed, a member of the YSL record label founded by Young Thug, has died at the age of 24 according to his brother’s social media posts.

It wasn’t immediately clear how the rapper could have died.

on Instagram, his brother Lil Gotit – also an Atlanta rapper affiliated with YSL but not signed to the label – posted: “I can’t believe I saw you die today bro, I cried all my tears, I know what you want me to do and for Mama Daddy. it’s tough Our brothers Naychur and Whiteboy. “

Naychur is Lil Keed’s young daughter.

In an Instagram story that tagged her brother’s account, Lil Gotit also posted: “Why bra, why do you leave me bra.”

According to the Instagram story he still lives on his ownLil Keed was supposed to perform in Charlotte on Saturday.

Lil Keed – legal name Rahqid Render according to hers YSL Records biography – debuted in 2018 with the mix tape “Trapped on Cleveland 2” and recorded two full albums, “Long Live Mexico” from 2019 and “Trapped on Cleveland 3” from 2020.

His record label profile describes him as a rapper who had “a penchant for hypnotizing melodies and erratic flows”.

Many of his songs have garnered millions of views on YouTube, including 2018’s ‘Nameless’ which has over 33 million views, 2019’s ‘Snake’ which has amassed over 12 million and 2018’s ‘Fetish (Remix)’. with Young Thug and got over 10 million.

hey had reportedly published a defense of the YSL label – Young Stoner Life – earlier this week, after the RICO indictment resulted in Fulton County against a number of its rappers, including founder Young Thug, who supports the association with the street band of Young Slime Life.

The YSL label, Lil Keed’s post said, “is not a gang, not a criminal organization, not a mafia”, but rather a “family, a label, a lifestyle”.