Mackellar candidates meekly follow the rules of Geraldine Doogue

Broadcaster ABC would not allow this forum to deteriorate into a chaos like the debate between the leaders between Morrison and Albanian.

(Image: Supplied / Private Media)

It must have been disheartening from the applicants’ point of view: five of them were perched on stools in front of a crowd of 200 at the Avalon cinema who were, literally, passing hot popcorn buckets.

However, if audiences were expecting a fiery sequel to chaotic debate among the leaders of Nine Network the night before, moderator Geraldine Doogue, ABC’s fearsome broadcaster, had none.

The tone of last night’s debate was set early and firmly. This wouldn’t be like that “other debate,” Doogue said. Candidates would have time to present their case, ask one question from another speaker, and then answer the pre-sent questions from the audience, “and I’ll take the time, I promise you. Here is my watch! ”

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