Morrison struggles as labor issues dominate campaign coverage

If Albanese wins this election, Morrison’s inability to talk about his favorite subjects could prove to be a key factor.

Anthony Albanese on day 32 of the election campaign (Image: AAP / Lukas Coch)
Anthony Albanese on day 32 of the election campaign (Image: AAP / Lukas Coch / Private Media)

One of the biggest problems with Scott Morrison’s re-election campaign was his inability to turn the campaign into pro-self and liberal issues. And it has gotten considerably worse in the last week, by Crikey The latest figures from Isentia’s shows.

In the seven days leading up to Wednesday this week, only two of the top 15 issues in the election coverage were in favor of the Coalition. The others either break both ways, or they favor Labor. The dominant issue, of course, was the cost of living, which has increasingly become a labor issue as inflation and interest rates have become the focus of the election debate.

The second biggest problem, of course, was betting. Labor must not be able to believe its luck that, presumably due to an accident, the campaign days were devoted to the simple framing that Labor wants underpaid workers to get a pay raise and Scott Morrison – backed by the media – they don’t.

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