Nina Jankowicz defends Kamala Harris and Ilhan Omar in the latest “disinfo drop” SHOWS that the Ministry of Truth will be the “greatest shit show ever” (watch)

It seems the “new misinformation” has just fallen. We report Mary Poppins of the Ministry of Truth …

Talk about a hot mess:

Tropes of gender.

Racist tropes.


Except, Nina, those stories about Kamala and Ilhan aren’t exactly false and we’re pretty sure the Russians didn’t make Kamala meet Willie Brown.

Russia Russia Russia.

Sounds like it’s supposed to be some kind of The Babylon Bee joke, right?

But no, this is the person the Biden administration says should be responsible for the “misinformation”. Notice how he’s just pointing out misinformation to defend a certain side.

Yes, well, we knew that.

If Trump had formed a group like this, the left would have lost their ever-loving minds.

Look at her, raise your eyes and clap your hands. How anyone can take her seriously for anything she is insane.

Do and think as you are told, servant!



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