“No party”: the UK opposition faces an investigation into allegations of violation of blockade rules

British opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer is being investigated on allegations of breaking COVID blocking rules.

The Labor leader was filmed drinking beer and eating curry with colleagues after a by-election in north-east England, Durham, in 2021.

British police investigated the matter last April and decided that no rules had been broken, but after significant pressure, including from members of the Tory cabinet, and new information came to light, they changed positions.

Starmer denied the allegations, arguing that “no party, no violation of the rules”.

“As I have explained several times, we were working in the office; we stopped for a bite to eat, no parties, no violation of the rules, ”Starmer said.

“The police obviously have their job to do, we should let them go on, but I’m confident that no rules have been broken.”