Police clear pro-abortion activists out of homes of SCOTUS judges (their singing was beyond irony) – twitchy.com

As expected, leftist activists protesting something that hasn’t happened yet set their sights on the personal residences of some of the more conservative members of the US Supreme Court on Saturday night:

The home of Chief Judge John Roberts was one of the places targeted:

One thing is certain (based on Jen Psaki’s comments this week):

Well, Biden and Harris aren’t exactly going to condemn this behavior.

And there’s a singsong irony to “you don’t care if people die”:

Apparently Judge Kavanaugh’s home was also a target of the protest crowd:

At the end the carabinieri intervened on the spot:

The “defund the police” calls may reign again after this.

Eventually, things seemingly calmed down:

Unfortunately this may just be the beginning.

However, we imagine that not many Dems will actually condemn this madness.

Reality doesn’t matter anymore: at this point it’s all a matter of narrative. And where are the alarmists of the democratic “insurrection” right now?


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