Polling or super-HILARIOUS trolling? LOL! Elon Musk’s poll about what to do with Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters is a thing of BEAUTY

How hard do you think Elon Musk laughed after he tweeted this poll? At the time of this writing, there are still 12 hours left, over 1.1 million people have voted, and the ‘yesses’ have it at 92%. Guessing the 8% of people voting no are actually Twitter employees.


Hey, he brings up a good point. If people aren’t in the building anyway and it’s just sitting empty, why NOT use it to help tackle one of San Francisco’s biggest issues? And c’mon, everyone who works at Twitter is so CONCERNED about social justice issues, surely they’d be AOK making sure homeless people have a nice and safe place to live.


We totally snort-laughed when we saw this.

And of course, there’s Scott Presler, always willing to do his part to support communities and make them better. Perhaps after he helps recruit volunteers he could help these same homeless people register to vote?

THIS is where the thread gets really good.

Or bad, if you’re a Twitter employee.

Fired 12 floors of people … activist investment.


And look at how Elon responded:


We do too.

THIS is gonna be fun.



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