Putin’s new flagship warship “on fire” after missile attack weeks after the Moskva sank

Weeks after the sinking of the Moskva, Putin suffered another humiliation with the warship Admiral Makarov, reportedly hit by a Ukrainian missile.

According to Kiev officials, Vladimir Putin’s new flagship was hit by Ukrainian missiles and exploded off the coast of Snake Island.

The 409-foot (125-meter) Admiral Makarov was reportedly hit by the same Neptune missiles that sank the Russian missile cruiser Moskva in the Black Sea last month. The sun reported.

However, Moscow said it “has no such information” that the ship was hit.

The Makarov can accommodate up to 200 crew members. She is armed with 24 Buk medium-range surface-to-air missiles and eight Kalibr cruise missiles, all in vertical cells, and can escort other ships and even attack targets on the ground.

The frigate would be Russia’s latest high-profile naval casualty in a troubled campaign, following reports that US intelligence helped Ukraine locate and sink the Moscow River weeks ago.

Anton Gerashchenko, Ukrainian government adviser and former minister, said on Twitter: “The Russian ship is on fire. It appears to be one of the newest Russians, Admiral Makarov. “

Naval tracking sites said a Russian rescue ship was dispatched to the ship’s last known location, with unconfirmed local media reports suggesting the ship was on fire.

Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko said the warship was burning, but it had not sunk.

He said on Telegram: “The frigate Admiral Makarov, the patrol frigate of the Russian Navy, is on fire.

“Yes, yes, you got it right! The God of the seas is taking revenge on the abusers of Ukraine. “

In its daily report on Russian casualties, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said that another ship was wiped out, although it is unclear if it refers to Admiral Makarov.

According to the Ukrainian government news site Dumskayaa Burevestnik-class frigate was located at noon on Friday local time near Snake Island.

The site said the ship had been hit by a Neptune missile and that Russian planes were circling the warship and rescue ships had been sent from Russia-annexed Crimea.

Flight trackers show a number of aircraft – including a U.S. Air Force drone – flying over the Black Sea area.

Open source intelligence monitor OSINTdefender tweeted that it “seemed increasingly likely” that reports that the ship had been hit were “true”.

“Several rescue ships and aircraft are reportedly in the area with US surveillance drones keeping an eye on it,” he added.

The Black Sea could be Putin’s weak spot

Putin’s fleet in the Black Sea was already reduced to just three large warships after the sinking of the Moskva on April 14.

Any losses in the fleet are disastrous for Moscow as the only way to bring replacement ships to the Black Sea is through the Bosphorus Strait which divides Istanbul in two and is controlled by Turkey. While in peacetime, Turkey generally lets warships of other nations pass through the waterway, as since the Russian invasion it has refused Moscow’s requests to allow its warships to enter the strait.

There is evidence that Admiral Makarov’s skipper was careful to keep her off the Ukrainian coast, newspaper forbes reported.

The new missile frigate – commissioned in 2017 – is considered a valuable target for Ukrainian missile crews as one of the most modern ships in the Russian navy

A Kremlin spokesman denied being aware of the alleged missile attack on the Russian frigate.

“No, we don’t have such information,” said Dmitry Peskov, according to the Russian state news agency TASS.

Last month, the Moskva sank in the Black Sea following a fire and explosion.

Moscow lost the 12,490-ton missile cruiser after being hit by a pair of Neptune cruise missiles launched from Ukraine.

Moskva played a deadly role in the war by bombing towns and cities in Ukraine from positions at sea. It was thought to be a key weapon in any attempt to take the Ukrainian coastal city of Odessa.

Ukraine is said to have followed the 611-foot (186 m) ship with a drone as a distraction before hitting it with two cruise missiles. The Russian defense ministry said the blasts ripped open ammunition stores and started a large fire.

It follows this week’s reports that the United States had provided targeting data that helped Kiev forces sink the ship, which was a major PR coup for Ukraine and a major blow to Ukraine. Russian forces. However, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a statement that the US did not provide information to target Moskva and “was not involved in the Ukrainians’ decision to hit the ship.”

The Moskva was the largest Russian warship to have been sunk in combat since World War II.

Originally published as Putin’s new flagship warship “on fire” after missile attack weeks after the Moskva sank