Scott Morrison looking for a second miracle at the launch of the liberal campaign

The prime minister needs voters to believe they have a vision for another term. It does?

Scott Morrison and his family at the liberal campaign launch (Image: AAP / Mick Tsikas)

Can a troubled government reverse its fortunes in less than a week? Scott Morrison hopes so, but he appears to be in need of a second electoral miracle, with the prime minister addressing a largely unenthusiastic selection of Liberal Party loyalists at the launch of the election campaign in Brisbane today.

With the grueling six-week campaign entering its final stretch, the government has so far been unable to narrow Labor’s lead in all published opinion polls. Internally, the party strategists are becoming anxious.

The long campaign was intended to wear down Anthony Albanese. But since he recovered from the opening day gaffe, the opposition leader has seemed to grow in stature.

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