Steve Bannon is the latest in a long list of MAGAs pushing propaganda about Putin as reckless Russia openly talks about nuclear weapons

It would have been thought impossible for a certain sub-group of a certain party to work so blatantly on behalf of the Russian government while this country goes on as if it were completely normal. In the future (assuming there is one), the 23rd century version of gibbon will struggle with chapters on how the United States accepted what was an almost open Russian resource (or at least behaved as such) in the White House as the historian writes the definitive academic tome on “The Rise and Fall of the American Empire and the ‘West Liberalism. “

Today it’s Steve Bannon who talks about “vague boundaries” (as if this served as a justification for bombing schools and apartment buildings. But yesterday it was Tucker Carlson who asked a billionaire to pay every Republican who supports McConnell’s continued aid to Ukraine in the primary. or Wednesday Tulsi Gabbard (On Tucker’s show) said the US position in making the Russian state too weak to do so again could force Russia into a position where it should – understandably – use nuclear weapons.

But for Friday, at least early Friday, it was Bannon’s turn to come forward and apologize for the Russian massacre of tens of thousands of innocent people in mass graves and to claim that none of this has an impact on U.S. interests. . From Media issues:

This Ukraine thing is embarrassing and you are very wrong and no one in the world can sit there and argue that it is in the vital interest of US national security. Does not exist…

… It is in Hong Kong that Cardinal Zen was arrested and the Vatican said we are watching him with great interest. And the State Department said oh yeah, he should be let go.

All of this is in the vital interest of US national security against the Chinese Communist Party. Not a fight in the east, ill-defined, oh they hate it when I say that, ill-defined border of, wait for it, Bloodlands.

Abbreviated: the border between Russia and Ukraine is vague, so it’s acceptable for Putin to commit atrocities on a level never seen by Rwanda, and furthermore, China is the real problem. Have you ever noticed that with the MAGAs, China is always the bad guy, not the Russians?

Is it normal for an American opponent like Russia, one with strong ties to the then president, to invite eight senators to visit on July 4, 2018 over a long weekend? And curiously to have all eight senators from the same party? This came after the US intelligence community and Robert Mueller determined that Russia worked to elect Donald Trump. And to this day, with Russia committing war crimes in the midst of a totally unwarranted war, those same MAGA elements, the same ones with the strongest ties to Russia, keep telling us to back down, or why the Could Ukraine deserve some of this?

A former general, Mike Flynn, said the biggest mistake the United States could make is to keep sending Ukrainian military aid. “It will only prolong Ukraine’s suffering,” Flynn said on Emerald Robinson’s “Lindell TV” show. A former American general argues that American policy should be to allow the Russians to win as fast as possible and that Ukraine will simply suffer under Putin’s rule. And all this continues with the country moving broadly as if this were just a more political maneuver.

There is an open, obvious and dangerous Russian presence within traditional American power and it needs to be exposed. This did not happen organically. While it is true that many MAGAs like Tucker would prefer a more “Putinesque” government for the United States, the unanimity of opinion, the rigidity of the grouping in proximity to Trump, there is a stronger underlying thread that goes back directly to the Kremlin as solid as the backchannel to Russia that Jared Kushner and Flynn sought before Trump was even sworn in.

And this is all acceptable, normal, no problem.

It is also happening in the midst of an increasingly reckless, cornered Putin with people talking about moving nuclear weapons. From the Moscow Times, a former Russian president:

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned Thursday that Russia will deploy nuclear weapons near the Baltic states and Scandinavia if Finland or Sweden decide to join NATO.

Medvedev, vice president of the Russian Security Council and president from 2008 to 2012, wrote on Telegram that if the countries unite, this would be more than double Russia’s land border with NATO members.

People who act like Russian goods in every way must be exposed. This is not normal. This is not acceptable. This is damn dangerous, ask Ukraine. And what about American interests in the region? American interests are less a “region” than a principle, a democracy based on classic Western liberalism. Putin is convinced that democracy cannot work in a 21st century world. It seems too many here agree. Enemies, strangers and domestic.