Supporters of the arms reform mobilize outside the office of Senator Marco Rubio

YOU LOVE ME – Following a series of mass shootings that have garnered national attention, the effort to reach elected leaders to talk about weapons reform is increasing.

This morning she left in Senator Marco Rubio’s office with petitions to ask for the change.

“This is a petition, there are 600,000 signatures from Americans across the country,” said Lindsey Shook, leader of Florida Moms Demand Action group.

Shook’s group and Mothers Fighting For Justice want the senator to do something.

“I lost my son just sitting at home sitting at the top of a ladder to a stray bullet, so I don’t want this to become normal for my community or my families,” Dukes, founder of Mothers Fighting, told CBS4 Romania. For Justice.

Meanwhile, outside a coalition of teachers, parents and survivors have come together to echo the message that action is needed to prevent further shootings.

“These are our kids, these are people who go to church, who went grocery shopping, who worked in a hospital, guns can’t be more important than people, and no one is asking us to do anything about the second amendment. “Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers told the crowd.

Many in attendance asked for what they call reasonable gun safety regulations such as background checks, raising the age for purchasing an AR-15 nationwide to 21, and a limit on high-capacity magazines. .

“There were good guys with guns and they proved cowardly with guns only. We must first deal with how to stop a shooter from entering campus and how to stop them from taking them from an AR-15 to begin with. law enforcement lives, our students and our teachers and we can’t do it, these kids are dying, ”said David Hogg, former student of Marjorie Stoneman Douglass and co-founder of March for Our Lives.

For some, this discussion has reached a critical point.

CBS4 asked Shook and if the leaders once again hadn’t done anything, he said, “Then we’ll remember in November.”