there is a price to pay when you live in the secure liberal seat of WA

Liberal MP Melissa Price has held the vast electorate of Western Australia since 2013 and there is no doubt that she will hold it again on May 22.

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Drive through perhaps 10 distinct countries on Indian Ocean Drive, a 270km stretch of road along the Western Australian border that takes you most of the way from Perth to Geraldton.

You pass gnarled alien trees, bare and hunched over in supplication to the sea breeze; then rocky fields of pale desaturated green; then the rolling hills of those bushy bushes that thrive on the ocean shore; then again sparkling salt lakes, or large white sand dunes similar to cliffs that burst into the green to the east.

Small communities grow and shrink in the west, signs for new housing estates pop out in the middle of nowhere, bleached by the sun. Just under an hour north of Perth, near Guilderton, you join Durack’s electorate. It is another 330km to reach Geraldton, Durack’s southernmost regional hub.

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