Three months of war, Kiev residents commemorate the victims

As Ukraine marks three months since the Russian invasion began, residents of the capital Kiev have commemorated those who have disappeared since the start of the conflict.

A giant queue formed outside the city post office when special anti-war postage stamps and postcards were put up for sale.

Hundreds of people gathered to buy postage stamps and postcards depicting a Ukrainian soldier gesturing with his middle finger at a Russian warship.

A lawn in a square in the capital was strewn with Ukrainian flags, honored to those who have lost their lives since fighting broke out on 24 February.

A monument shows the message “Ukrainians killed by (Russian President Vladimir) Putin” with the number 7,463 written below.

Ever since Russia withdrew from Kiev as it concentrated its struggle in eastern Ukraine, life has seemingly returned to the streets of the capital with some strolling around the city and enjoying the good weather.