Trump Endorsee agrees that he will ban all birth controls as “against the moral order of God”

Jacky Eubanks is a Trump-approved candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives and has some thoughts she would like to share about how she views the role of government in your personal private life. You will respect her deeply held religious beliefs because the United States exists to promote deeply rooted Christian beliefs, one of which is that birth control is morally wrong and therefore should be illegal. It is against the moral order of God in her opinion:

Yes, for those who have not been able to listen to the audio, Eubanks – while noting that all classical Western liberalism is based on Christian values ​​(leave out the usual “Jewish” and this is not to be overlooked at the moment), says that the government it should enforce God’s moral order by making contraception illegal. And, yes, she means her moral order and her God, despite the fact that it works just as well under Muslim Sharia law. Eubanks states:

It would never get to a vote in the Michigan state legislature, and if it did, I would have to side with it it shouldn’t be legal.

I think people who use birth control are better … because, ‘Oh, then you won’t get pregnant and you won’t need to have an abortion.’ But I think it gives people the false sense of security that they can have sex without consequences, but that’s not true! Sex should be between a man and a woman within the confines of marriage … and open to life. Absolutely.

Now, most Americans might wave their hand and think abortion is one thing, but birth control is completely different. This is true from the perspective of the Michigan legislature and the fact that they probably would never have passed such a law. Most Americans might think, “Besides, it’s totally unconstitutional,” which is also true below Griswold v. Connecticut. but Griswold is based on the exact same constitutional principle as egg, namely, there are some issues that are so fundamentally private that there is no “due process” when it comes to making birth control illegal. One time roe deer he says, if he does, Alito can say whatever he wants about Roe being “different” as it implies “another life”, as these people just said, they don’t see her as different.

It would be interesting to imagine this woman being forced to spend twelve hours around Trump, unattended, and see if they share similar values. But we know that they both deeply believe in fascism, that’s where their opinions begin and end, that’s more than enough.

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