TSA: Weed found hidden in peanut butter at Pittsburgh International Airport

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The TSA said marijuana was found hidden inside a jar of peanut butter at the Pittsburgh International Airport. An officer was searching a checked bag to figure out why it set off an alarm when the discovery was made, a spokesperson for the TSA said on Thursday. The officer pulled three vape canisters of marijuana wrapped in plastic bags out of the jar. 
when they are discovered during routine screening, the police are contacted. The traveler told officials that the canisters were for medical purposes, but still thought he should try to conceal them. Not a good decision.— Lisa Farbstein, TSA Spokesperson (@TSA_Northeast) August 4, 2022

The TSA said officers aren’t looking for drugs, but when they’re found during a routine screening, police are called. The flyer told officials the marijuana was for medical use, but he still thought he should try to hide them, the TSA said. “Not a good decision,” the TSA spokesperson tweeted.