Voters urged to be considered electoral service teachers

Photo shows voters in Tondo, Manila, voted at Magat Salamat Elementary School on Wednesday, May 9. Presidential candidate. (Deejae Dumlao /, artwork by Rhovin Luke Maglaqui)

Filipinos have called on voters to respect public school teachers who carry out national and local election duties while some learning institutions turn to polling stations on May 9.

A Facebook page reminded social media users to refrain from fighting or showing an attitude towards teachers if they encounter problems with grading machines or VCMs.

“Get the teacher out of the president. Hindi does not talk about this car. In addition, he can tax the nila allowances. “Di nila deserves masigawan away,” the page said Monday.

So far, it has garnered 13,000 likes and reactions, as well as 15,000 shares on the social networking platform.

Similar appeals were also launched on Twitter amid reports of VCM failures, especially in the early hours of the elections.

Last month, it was reported that it’s over 37,000 public schools would serve as polling stations for the 2022 national and local elections.

Some of these schools teachers it will serve as the Council of Electoral Inspectors (EIB) which will assist in the polls. Others will support the electoral council while some will be designated as members of the Board of Canvassers.

There are also DepEd Supervisory Officers, as well as members of the support staff.

These teachers will receive fees, service credits, and benefits such as medical assistance.