WaPo: Israeli soldiers’ weapons confiscated as part of investigations after Al-Jazeera journalist was killed, Israeli military official said

The weapons were taken so that they are available for ballistic testing, the official said.

One incident, according to the Washington Post source, occurred “on a road about 150 meters (about 490 feet) from where Abu Akleh was killed,” the Post said.

The source said that, of the three suspects, this incident was “the most likely to be involved in Shireen’s death,” according to the Post.

Thousands of people mourn the slain journalist Shireen Abu Akleh as Palestinians demand responsibility

In the incident under investigation, IDF troops were in a vehicle and at least one armed Palestinian was shooting at the vehicle, the anonymous source said. Military investigators are trying to determine where Abu Akleh was during that exchange, according to the source.

The IDF declined to comment on the Washington Post report on CNN.

The military said it was investigating the killing of Abu Akleh, with international IDF spokesman Amnon Shefler telling CNN on Wednesday: “We just don’t know yet” who shot her.