When you lost WaPo ==> Glenn Kessler verifies WH vaccine blatant lie (alert DHS Ministry of Truth!) – twitchy.com

Yesterday the White House posted a tweet that right away blew up the BS detectors for more than one reason:

There have been nothing but crickets from the Ministry of Truth so far, but Washington Post lead fact-checker Glenn Kessler called the White House about the vaccine part of the above tweet:

Wow, when you lost the Washington Post Other CNN with a single tweet that speaks volumes.

Donald Trump Jr. has singled out a job for the head of the Disinformation Governance Board:

Fox News’ John Roberts noted the obvious irony in all of this:

Next assignment for WaPo fact-checkers:

If fact-checkers were consistently honest, there wouldn’t be enough Pinocchios in the world to apply to the Biden administration’s lies. And of course there have been many who have defended the White House tweet as accurate:

There is no lie too big for the left base to defend, no matter how ridiculous and desperate it may be.



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